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The Many Benefits of CX Outsourcing

Joe Marte

CX outsourcing helps you create a world-class customer experience that matches your top-tier products and services. 

When we talk about customer experience (CX), there’s a lot more to it than straightforward customer service. CX encompasses a wide range of resources, from customer support to product training, device lifecycle management, and more, and it’s a core business function that can elevate your brand. 

No matter what size your business is, you’re already using CX services — does it make sense to outsource CX for an even better customer experience? Is taking CX offsite while improving customer satisfaction even possible?

An organization’s approach to CX can make or break a business. When customers have an issue, question, or feedback, their first point of contact must be a pleasant, productive, and rewarding experience. This is such a critical factor in the customer relationship that the majority of worldwide consumers surveyed rank their interactions with a company second only to the products and services they provide. 

By allocating the resources necessary to providing your customers with a world-class customer care experience, you’re setting up your entire organization for future success. World-class CX is difficult and costly to achieve internally, impossible to functionally scale, and too often mismanaged or undersupported. 

But third-party CX providers are dedicated to providing customer-facing Tier 1 and Tier 2 CX that works in lock-step with your company’s branding, values, and expectations of quality. An off-site, on-shore CX partner like Epiphany bridges the gap between CX and your customers with a highly-trained customer service staff that can scale up or down at a moment’s notice, 24/7. Simply put, providing quality CX is the core of their business. 

Still unsure about outsourcing your organization’s CX? Let’s look into some of the benefits of CX outsourcing for your team and your customers. 

CX outsourcing allows you to:

Focus on the Core of Your Business

You’re in business because you’re good at what you do — chances are, that’s not providing CX. Whether you’re a software company, consultancy, service provider, government organization, or retailer, focusing on the core of your business and leaving CX to a more qualified, committed provider is a wise, cost-effective move that can dramatically improve your customer journey. 

Improve Employee Engagement

Employees always bear the brunt of CX services, especially as companies grow and become more prominent. Internal CX operations can easily lead a team to become overburdened by responding to customer requests. Answering customer emails and phone calls can cut into productive time better spent focusing on the core of your business, leading to employee burnout from talented professionals like software developers and engineers. And while committing full-time personnel to CX teams may solve the issue initially, they’ll be left with little to do when customer requests and feedback are decreased. 

By outsourcing CX, you’re designating a team of off-site professionals with a deep knowledge of your business, enabling your team to get back to working on what they’re good at. 

Provide Around-the-Clock Support

The best CX strategy ensures your customers’ questions are answered right away, with immediate service from your call center. As your business grows, you’ll have customers across countries and time zones. Outsourcing customer experiences allows you to service these customers — and provide multilingual support — 24/7 without having to staff a “night owl” support team. 

Boost Your Brand’s Reputation

CX is often the first point of contact between your customers and your business, and we all know the importance of a great first impression. A customer-oriented CX approach can turn satisfied customers into loyal ones, championing your business and associating your services with a professional, positive approach. 

Outsourcing CX reduces the uncertainty of managing a customer support team without sacrificing the essential value of a skilled customer service department that your customers can rely on. After all, if your customer experience isn’t great, how can you call yourself a great company?

Manage Your Costs and Scale as Needed

Your need for CX support will ebb and flow depending on the season and other market factors, but you need to be prepared when demand strikes. CX outsourcing is a cost-effective solution for companies that can’t afford to employ a CX team with lots of downtime, but need to be ready to scale at any given moment. Outsourced CX lets you grow your CX operation as your needs evolve, with scaled-down services in off-seasons. 

CX teams that provide training and device lifecycle management services also help you cut costs. These companies provide your customers with the comprehensive support they need upfront, thereby  minimizing the amount of support they need down the road

Set Your Company up for Success with CX Outsourcing

CX outsourcing is ideally suited for major corporations with a large volume of calls — but companies that are growing rapidly can also benefit. Any company adopting outsourced CX stands to benefit from lower costs, greater productivity, and a better brand reputation. Your customer experience depends on your ability to communicate quickly and effectively with your clientele. 

With outsourced CX, you can expand the scope of your CX team without increasing the burden on your own staff. After all, you hire a plumber to fix a leak, not to spend their time on the phone. Why should your employees be expected to focus their talents elsewhere?  

At Epiphany, our CX teams engage with your business on a professional level — with just as much knowledge about your products and services as your own CX team. Outsource your CX operations to Epiphany, and let’s grow your business together. 

Joe Marte

Vice President of Business Development

Joe has worked in the healthcare and home care sectors for the past 15 years, with senior roles spanning business development, operations, and account management. This has given him invaluable industry experience and an appreciation of the strategic value of the customer care function.

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