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Deliver a Better End-User Experience

Empower your stakeholders with the expert support they need to overcome obstacles in home health environments.


24/7 Support Services

Our contact center services help healthcare organizations and technology providers improve customer satisfaction and lower support costs.


Gain On-Demand Telehealth Support

Our highly skilled agents are integrated into the support operations of medical organizations across the country. We help doctors and patients host seamless virtual visits, access online portals, deploy at-home monitoring solutions, and more.

Our 24/7 contact center services will decrease your hold times and resolve issues faster, alleviating your support staff’s workload and improving the patient experience.

Provide On-Site and Remote Training

What good is a new software program or device if no one knows how to use it? We design and deliver customized training webinars, online learning modules, and in-person training sessions that help healthcare professionals effectively deploy the full spectrum of tools available to them.

All of our training strategies are built to scale with your organization as your end users’ needs evolve, reducing your call volumes and improving productivity.

Adhere to HIPAA Regulations

When working virtually with patients, physicians must still follow stringent HIPAA and cybersecurity regulations. We work closely with our healthcare clients to ensure they’re using secure internet connections, data encryption processes, and other cybersecurity techniques to protect their patients’ privacy in remote and on-site environments.

Full-Stack Hardware and Software Management

As an extension of your staff, our inventory management services improve your operational efficiency and increase productivity.


Procure Patient-Centered Technology

At Epiphany, we’ll work with you to develop a device acquisition strategy from the ground up, evaluating your device inventory and procuring new hardware solutions to fill any gaps.

We then kit and ship the devices to maximize their effectiveness, incorporating multilingual training guides in every package to better meet the needs of your workforce.

Easily Repair and Replace Devices

Our ticketing system contains a comprehensive inventory management tool that empowers our experts to coordinate all device repairs, returns, and replacements as soon as an issue occurs.

Streamlining these transactions for your organization improves device functionality and minimizes support call volume, allowing your staff to spend less time on customer support and more time on your core capabilities.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Protecting sensitive patient information in compliance with stringent health IT legislation is a top priority for healthcare organizations. It’s also a top priority for Epiphany.

We work with healthcare providers and software executives to secure HIPAA-compliant internet connections and maintain compliance with all management, documentation, inventory, and end-of-life regulations to safeguard your reputation and sound legal standing.

Software Implementation Support

Working directly with healthcare-focused software providers and their clients, we position healthcare solutions for sustained success.


Expand Training Resources

Software support solutions help healthcare organizations maintain compliance, boost efficiency, increase stakeholder communication, and improve patient care — if they are implemented effectively.

Our robust onboarding process leverages on-site and remote training sessions to equip your end users with the skills and knowledge they need to successfully deploy your solution. All training sessions are tailor-made for your organization to increase their effectiveness.

Deploy a Scalable Software Support Helpdesk

We partner with software providers to create a superior patient experience. Our 24/7 helpdesk is staffed by agents with a deep understanding of healthcare mandates, allowing them to resolve your end users’ questions and concerns in real time.

Thanks to our hybrid remote/on-site model and partnership with a leading contact center outsourcing company, we’re able to quickly level up our helpdesk support as your organization evolves.

Improve Your Return on Investment

The customer experience you create defines your reputation and competitive edge.

As an on-demand contact center support partner, we provide 24/7 omnichannel customer service, end-user training, and device management. This three-pronged approach ensures you have access to a full suite of support services you can rely on, helping you retain existing customers and recruit new ones.

Support Your Stakeholders

Provide patients and healthcare professionals with fast, effective customer support they can rely on.

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