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Your Contact Center Partner

A scalable, 24/7 support partner for organizations looking to streamline communications and elevate customer support.

Better Support Means a Better Customer Experience

Epiphany is a remote customer support service that helps healthcare and education institutions embrace new ways of working and connecting by eliminating tedious support headaches.

Great technical support is a vital part of the customer experience. As organizations integrate new technologies into their operations, support requests from employees and customers quickly stack up and leave customer support teams with endless, often repetitive questions from frustrated end-users. With Epiphany by your side, your support team won’t have to field these requests alone.

By acting as an extension of your customer support and IT departments, our onshore experts can help your organization field support calls with unbeatable speed and efficacy. Having a partner like Epiphany can enable your organization to implement new technological solutions with confidence that these changes will drive ROI and support an improved user experience.

Support Solutions for K-12 Schools

As school districts attempt to adopt and implement new education technologies, IT and support departments have found themselves lost in a sea of questions from parents, teachers, and students alike. Providing real-time help is a tremendous undertaking. That’s where Epiphany comes in.

Epiphany offers teachers, IT departments, and school administrators around-the-clock access to a team of experienced, onshore, technical professionals. By serving as a real-time remote support service, Epiphany enables school districts to make the best possible use of new technology without having to worry about resolving every ticket themselves. And because support is offered on a 24/7 and scalable basis, you’ll never need to worry about your IT department drowning in calls for help again.

K-12 Solutions

CX Solutions for Healthcare

Implementing telehealth technologies creates new customer support challenges. While healthcare leaders have a tremendous opportunity to harness new digital solutions that can improve patient care and outcomes, they need an IT and patient support partner that can keep up. Epiphany helps healthcare organizations maintain system interoperability, support clinician adoption, and manage device upkeep so that they can focus on providing care for more patients. 

Epiphany is a HIPAA-compliant remote support service that specializes in tech rollouts for medical and biomedical projects. Epiphany supports a variety of healthcare institutions — from device manufacturers to front line hospitals — all on a 24/7 basis. 

Epiphany is here to support digital transformation in healthcare. With dependable tech support, healthcare institutions of all kinds can leverage the latest digital solutions to deliver better patient care — without worrying about all those IT headaches. 

Healthcare Solutions

A Talented Support Team is Vital to Better CX

The demand for tech-literate customer support is greater than ever. With more and more customers calling for help, your IT and customer support teams can’t afford to leave anyone on-hold. And you don’t have to when you partner with Epiphany.

With Epiphany, every request is serviced by a world-class, professionally trained, live expert. And our team is entirely onshore. We even provide multilingual services.

With dependable onshore experts at your fingertips, you can level up your support team while cutting support costs and eliminating wait times.

Encrypted, Secure Access

All remote sessions are protected with TLS and 256-bit AES encryption.

Simple Screen Sharing

Share your screen with an IT expert with just the click of a button.

Continuous IT Monitoring

We log all connections, file transfers, and management events.

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