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Enhancing healthcare innovation with the human touch

Epiphany provides world-class CX services to maximize the positive impact of the technology and innovation initiatives underpinning Medicaid programs.

We work with technology vendors, MCOs, and professional service firms to deliver the specialized, scalable support they need to succeed.

How it works

24/7, US-Based CX Support for Medicaid Technology Programs

Specialist contact center, providing inbound and outreach capabilities across the country

Proactively driving program success

Implementing new technologies is just the beginning of a change journey, but many programs fall short of their potential because they underestimate the challenges that lie beyond that first peak. 

It is, in effect, a false summit.

This is where Epiphany makes a difference: We help our clients throughout the implementation phase, but the real value of our work comes from driving up the adoption and utilization of the new tools and systems to ensure that customers realize the full benefit of their investment.

We know there is a direct link between creating an engaged, active user base, and achieving a high program ROI, and we have years of experience, systems, and processes to deliver this for you.


Our Medicaid ecosystem focus

Epiphany works exclusively in the Medicaid technology and innovation space, and is the only outsourced CX provider to put 100% of its focus here.

We have developed a wealth of experience in healthtech, including managing the CX support requirements for Electronic Visit Verification across more the 20 states since 2016.

We understand the challenges Medicaid needs to address and are passionate about helping MCOs, technology vendors, and professional services firms deliver great outcomes for the programs their solutions support.

Our voice support services help break down technology silos to maximize utilization and adoption across disparate platforms.



Connect with Epiphany


283 E. Waterloo Rd. Akron, OH 44319

One of Epiphany’s agents single-handedly addressed our over 200 outstanding tickets in a day, allowing me to quickly perform a clean query pull.

Director, Customer Care

Technology Provider

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