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World-class CX Capabilities

We are experts in CX support for Medicaid technology rollouts and new program implementations. It’s what we do, 24/7, giving us both depth of experience and scalability to support and drive the success of our clients’ projects.

We provide inbound contact center support, as well as targeted outreach capabilities, and work to a continuous improvement plan to deliver tangible, meaningful outcomes for our clients.  Working with Epiphany simplifies your CX operation too, as we take responsibility for all aspects of hiring, training, evaluation, HR, replacement, and all other management support services.


Personalized, ‘White Glove’ Standards

High-quality, outcome-focused service for your end-users

Dedicated to Supporting Medicaid Program Objectives

We believe in the scale and scope of Medicaid’s ambitions to affect change for millions of people across the US, from health equity, SDoH, value-based, patient-centric care, and beyond

We want technology and program innovation to deliver great results for Medicaid, but that success doesn’t just happen.

From the point of implementation, through driving up the adoption and utilization of the new processes, tools, and systems, strategic CX support sits at the heart of it all.

Delivering CX with the Human Touch

Our people are our greatest asset. Epiphany agents are recruited for their empathetic communication skills, a can-do attitude, and their abilltiy to quickly get to the bottom of, and resolve, problems.

On top of these raw capabilities, we invest a great deal of time and resource in personal development, through fomalized employee engagement programs, client-specific and ‘soft skill’ training. 

And we love nothing more than seeing our employees grasp opportunities to progress their career at Epiphany. 

These commitments matter to our people and mean we have a team of highly engaged frontline employees and a staff retention rate 4X the industry average.

Continuous Program Improvement

Our entire organization, from directors and supervisors through recruiters, managers and quality assurance personnel, is committed to delivering excellent performance levels against client KPIs. But we don’t just stop when we get there.

Reflecting the fast-paced rate of change in the healthtech sector we create a feedback loop from the frontline through to the client organization to ensure that we are able to identify  emerging issues and respond at pace. 

In addition to helping us to continuously improve our service, this also enables us to provide invaluable insight to our client stakeholders that can be used to enhance their product and service proposition.

Measurable Impact

We know our work makes a demonstrable, meaningful difference to our clients’ bottom line. 

Our focus on driving-up end-user adoption and utilization plays a critical role in helping their customers to maximize ROI, making the value of their technology or innovation program irrefutable.

We’re also committed to reducing the cost of support over time, using the feedback loop to identify inefficiencies and common call drivers and re-work processes to drive-down inbound call volumes around them.

We are accountable for delivering  this impact and transparent in our reporting around the progress we’re making.

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