Management Group,

founded to help K12 schools

become true 21st century

learning environments.

Our Purpose:

To transform organizations

by helping them clarify and

realize their vision.

Epiphany is . . .

an innovative team

of technology strategists,

educators, engineers, technicians,

trainers, and IT directors...

Epiphany is . . .

committed to

helping every K12 school implement

21st Century Learning


Epiphany Management Group is the trusted technology management partner for numerous K-12 organizations nationwide. Our innovative management approach and focus on the K-12 market make us very effective and unique.

Students today are learning and living very differently than in previous decades, and when combined with an aggressive school choice environment and outdated funding models, the need for transformation in the K–12 environment is real and critical. 

Through technology, we can help you improve outcomes, collaboration, management and efficiencies. 

Epiphany Management Group has won the Cascade Capital Corporation Business Growth Award four years consecutively. This award honors innovative businesses that have prominently increased sales and/or employment over the past five years. Epiphany is also been included on the 2014 INC 5000 list, a distinguished honor that is reserved for the fastest growing private companies in America.

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Corporate Team

The corporate team, partners and associates at Epiphany have decades of expertise in the K-12 market. 

Epiphany was started in 2007 with the objective of transforming K-12 education through partnerships with progressive school leaders and industry innovators.  We have worked in all areas of managing and improving technology in the classroom. We create collaborative solutions that improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Epiphany also has expertise in assisting schools with marketing and branding. We can assist you in driving enrollment, increasing retention, and assisting in community support in todays competitive market for students.

Suranjan Shome, President and CEO

Our Corporate Team

Our Mission

To leverage advances in

technology by providing

out-sourced and managed solutions.

Epiphany. . .

creating shared IT solutions

to improve efficiencies and

reduce support costs.

Epiphany. . .


the use of technology

in your classroom.

Epiphany. . .

developing marketing, branding,

and communication solutions

for 21st century schools.

Epiphany. . .

defining enrollment strategies,

to ensure your school’s


Epiphany Technology

EMG offers technology management through a team approach and assists your school in operating in a modern K-12 technology environment. 

Our plan will include lowering your current technology costs while helping you develop a learning organization. From classroom technologies, telephone system and email solutions to administrative systems, environmental systems and fire/security systems, we have the expertise and experience to seamlessly integrate customized solutions suited to your specific needs. Through the use of our PSAT model, (Plan, Support, Advance, and Transform), we can remove your frustration in dealing with multiple technology partners. The Epiphany technology team will cut across all aspects of your operation and deliver integrated outcomes thus moving you forward into the 21st Century. Now is the time to contact Epiphany. We have a proven solution for improving and consolidating your technology services.

Case Study

Revere Local Schools

Revere Local SchoolsThe IT director had resigned and this Excellent-rated district had the mission and vision of becoming a premier technologically advanced district with many progressive initiatives. The district kept two technical resource personnel on staff. Epiphany was contracted to provide IT Director services, manage the district’s technology staff in a team approach, provide strategic technology planning, comprehensive project management, and tasked with advancement of their initiatives. The result? Through Epiphany’s IT model of strategic technology planning and comprehensive project management, the district has implemented state-of-the-art hosted network solutions like virtual servers, desktops and other successes, with Epiphany also working hand-in-hand with the district’s ITC. The district maintains its IT staff, managed by Epiphany’s IT Director services, at a significant recurring cost savings and with advanced results.

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Epiphany Learning

Epiphany Learning professional development is designed to show teachers how to transform learning by integrating 21st century instructional models and technology into the classroom. 

Your customized professional development plan will meet your school or district’s teachers specific learning needs. At Epiphany Learning, we go beyond the “one-and-done” approach to professional development and provide on-going feedback and resources. Teachers have the opportunity to receive graduate credit through the University of Dayton for any professional development that consists of at least 12 hours of instruction.

Epiphany Learning

Epiphany Software

Reducing your cost structure to meet lower budgets without just cutting staff requires leveraging the latest technology and software.  

By saving valuable staff time and reducing administrative burdens through automation of redundant and repetitive tasks, EMG can save you time and money.

By saving valuable staff time and reducing administrative burdens through automation of redundant and repetitive tasks, EMG can save you time and money.

“Epiphany found a solution to integrate all of our current marketing tools. They improved and added to our efforts to protect and polish our brand. Our parents noticed the difference immediately and it has helped with student retention and enrollment. They truly are experts in their field!”


- John Graham Director, Charter School

Epiphany because . . .

our successes

are our greatest asset.

Epiphany because . . .

we are a proven leader in K12

technology management

trusted by over 80 schools.

Epiphany because . . .

we listen, we advise, and

we implement a shared vision.

Epiphany because . . .

we customize our solutions

for your specific needs.

Epiphany because . . .

we are focused on

customer satisfaction.

Epiphany because . . .

we deliver measurable


“It is great to work with a company that understands K–12 education and the challenges we face. With their expertise and marketing services, Epiphany doubled our enrollment in only two years, which is great in such a competitive school market. It was reassuring and important that Epiphany took the time to really understand what differentiated our school from others in our area.”


- Carla LovettVP of Curriculum and Instruction

Epiphany . . .

helping you

clarify and realize

your vision.

Epiphany . . .

leveraging advances in technology

by providing out-sourced and

managed solutions.

Epiphany . . .

helping you build

a long-term plan to achieve

organizational goals.

Epiphany . . .


to your teachers’

technology needs.

Epiphany . . .

working as one team

with your faculty and staff

while measuring progress.


Partnering with an expert provides the only way to build a variable capacity support team at a fixed cost. From classroom technologies, telephone systems and e-mail solutions to administrative systems, environmental systems and fire/security systems, we have the expertise and experience to seamlessly integrate customized solutions suited to your specific needs. With our comprehensive, long-term support and proven strategies, such as our PSAT model (Plan, Support, Advance and Transform), you’ll save time and money – not to mention the unnecessary frustration of dealing with multiple technology partners.

Epiphany Management Group’s PSAT Model

Epiphany Management Group's PSAT Model


Epiphany Management Group starts by developing a strategic plan with clear and measurable goals. This plan will include lowering your current technology costs while helping you develop into a 21st century learning organization.


Epiphany Management Group offers superior service that focuses on attention to detail. Our personnel have a high level of experience and expertise in the K–12 industry. At EMG, we create, maintain, and support your needs.


Epiphany Management Group, with a customized strategic plan, will be able to serve and advance the needs of your learning organization. This includes understanding which new development projects are critical, their relative priority, and when they need to be implemented.


Transform into a 21st century learning environment with established and clear goals. Transformation begins with EMG’s high level of experience in the K-12 industry, new project implementation, and the ability to measure results.

A Customer Service-focused Epiphany

At Epiphany, customer service and maintaining high customer satisfaction is interwoven into the fabric of every level, type and kind of service we provide.

We work only in education. It is a unique and complex technology environment. In no other industry do clients leave and return at different times throughout the year, and there are many funding challenges and types of initiatives.  By maintaining our focus in education, keeping up with national and regional best practices, taking the time to understand our clients’ unique needs, and having a company-wide passion for transforming schools, we have built long standing relationships with our clients. High quality relationships are the essence of our great customer service. We have many references which we gladly provide to new education clients. We also track our customer satisfaction in a data-driven, real-time manner and provide complete transparency for our clients to see our levels of customer service. We measure customer satisfaction on every task in our IT services and those results are regularly reported on to every client. Find out how our strong relationships with our clients can benefit you. Contact one of our sales consultants to learn more.

Digging into the Problem




Sevenstar is a leading provider of online education solutions for Christian schools worldwide. Our school solutions provide a flexible, online alternative for middle and high school students to earn and recover credits throughout the year. Sevenstar empowers Christian schools with easy-to-use technology, a full catalog of biblically-integrated online courses, and Christian facilitators for every course. Schools may choose to directly enroll students in online courses or set up a Sevenstar partnership to manage a custom online program. Please learn more at www.sevenstar.org.


“The video production staff is so accommodating and professional. They have such a pleasant and likable way of working with all the people, at the site, and with us. They adapt easily and never, with the slightest complaint, protested to the little changes that cropped up. They worked together well with such ease that the long tedious days of filming flew by quickly and smoothly.”


- Stacey Picard SDG Advisors, LLC

Epiphany . . . NOW

See your school's

Potential Realized.

We love talking to schools about what makes them unique. Let us help you define your place in the market - distinct contributions to the community, 21st century learning for your students, and great values for your families. Why just survive when with Epiphany, you can thrive!

Contact David Mauro, Regional Director at 1-888-emg4k12

or email dmauro@epiphanymgmt.com.

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