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Customized Training Services

Improve your customer experience and lower support costs with on-site and remote training sessions from Epiphany.


On-Site and Remote Training Sessions

Our on-site and remote trainers are equipped with the skills needed to successfully guide your customers through the technology adoption process.

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Provide Meaningful Remote Training

As organizations around the world adopt a more remote operating model, finding new ways to educate end users is a top priority.

Our interactive webinars, live Q&As, and web-based training materials provide end users with the in-depth information they need to implement new software and hardware effectively, saving your support team from hours spent troubleshooting end-user questions and concerns and lowering your support costs.

Deliver On-Site Training Services

Some clients require on-site training sessions to ensure new solutions are deployed correctly.

We can provide in-person training anywhere in the country and will handle the entire process from start to finish — selecting and booking multiple training facilities, securing training technology and internet bandwidth, providing certified trainers, and facilitating session setup and teardown.

Report on Key Training Metrics

We provide detailed reports after every remote and on-site session we host. These reports include the names of session attendees, the number and type of training sessions conducted, survey results, and more, empowering you with the information you need to confidently push your technology rollout forward and further improve your CX.

Technology Rollout Optimization

Our training programs improve end-user satisfaction and technology adoption, reducing pressure on your IT staff and increasing your operational efficiency.

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Reduce Costs and Improve Productivity

The learning curve associated with new technologies can cause end users to become overwhelmed, leading to spikes in helpdesk requests that strain your support staff.

Leveraging our experience leading technology rollouts across industries, we craft training programs that arm users with the skills and insights they need to adopt new solutions with confidence, reducing your support costs, improving productivity, and delivering a better CX.

Implement One-Time or Ongoing Training

A training program needs organization and structure to be effective. At Epiphany, we’ll work with you to develop a one-time or ongoing training strategy that keeps your technology rollout on track. With our customer-centric approach, all users will be ready to hit the ground running and use new tools efficiently and effectively.

Speak to Onshore Experts On-Demand

We provide your end users with 24/7 access to our team of dedicated, highly skilled contact center agents during the training process and beyond. That means your end users will never be left in the dark when it comes to troubleshooting new devices or software, allowing them to make the most of these solutions and improve their overall productivity.

Customized End-User Training

Robust contact center analytics and role-based training processes allow us to create training programs tailored to your end users.

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Use Analytics to Customize Your Approach

We don’t take a blanket approach to end-user training. Instead, we rely on detailed contact center data to identify obstacles to user adoption and inform our training approach.

This allows us to create tailored training programs that address each client’s unique technology adoption challenges and improve customer satisfaction, ultimately minimizing pressure on their IT department.

Deliver Role-Based Training

Your end users’ training needs vary greatly depending on their relationship with your organization. That’s why each training program we build is designed with a specific group of end users in mind. Our programs focus on everything from cybersecurity best practices to systems integration to device activation depending on your unique needs and goals.

Scale Training as Your Company Grows

Your hardware and software needs grow in tandem with your company, and more technology means more training. Our end-user training programs are built to scale with you, ramping up as demand evolves and tapering as end users familiarize themselves with new solutions.

Prepare Your End Users for Success

Arm your customers with the training they need to adopt new technology efficiently and effectively.

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