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Device Logistics Services

Deliver a world-class customer experience with end-to-end device inventory management from Epiphany.


Comprehensive Device Provisioning

We oversee the entire device provisioning process, aligning with your unique technology needs and goals.


Optimize Your Supply Chain

Customers and end users are the most satisfied when their devices, equipment, and goods are delivered quickly and efficiently and when they get answers to their questions — fast. An inefficient supply chain increases support costs, complicates business processes, and jeopardizes CX.

If your product, project, or program requires any type of device, we can step in to optimize your supply chain. From device provisioning to decommissioning, we’ll drive down costs and improve CX.

Leverage Staging, Integration, and Kitting Services

Delivering consistent, repeatable results when deploying devices leads to a high level of CX. That’s why we provide comprehensive staging and integration services that ensure highly-functioning devices are placed directly into your end-users hands.

We can also include an at-home training guide in every package to lower your support costs and improve adoption and productivity. Need your training guides translated into multiple languages? We can take care of that, too.

Manage Deployments Successfully

Deploying IT or non-IT assets is one of the most complex, time-consuming activities for your team. In the attention tug-of-war between resolving critical service tickets and deploying assets, the service tickets usually win and deployments are delayed.

Our managed deployment services leverage PMI best practices to reduce time to value of your investment and improve end-user satisfaction.

Ongoing Device Management

Our on-demand device logistics support improves the effectiveness of new technology, positioning your end users for success.


Streamline the Device Replacement Process

Replacements or, in some cases, repairs are an inevitable part of the device lifecycle, but your end users don’t have time to spend managing the return and repair process.

Our ticketing system features a built-in inventory management tool that seamlessly integrates via API or with your existing CRM. This tool allows us to coordinate all device repairs, returns, and replacements the moment an issue occurs, boosting customer satisfaction and reducing support costs.

Provide Stakeholders with 24/7 Device Support

At Epiphany, we never settle for satisfactory. Through regular device analysis and planning sessions, we continuously improve device logistics for our clients, optimizing supply chain processes, performing routine hardware and software maintenance, and more. If an issue with a device does occur, our 24/7 contact center is there to solve it with live voice support.

Improve Your Inventory Management

Managing an inventory of hundreds or even thousands of devices can quickly become a full-time job for your staff, consuming precious time that could be spent pursuing other business objectives. We manage your inventory in a centralized, state-of-the-art distribution facility to ensure everyone has the devices they need, when they need them.

Rigorous Regulatory Compliance

We keep our clients in compliance at all times, from technology implementation to warehousing and beyond.


Comply with Cybersecurity Requirements

Managing your devices in accordance with all relevant regulations can be time-consuming and overwhelming, but it’s an essential part of device logistics management.

We’re here to ensure your end users’ devices are securely connected to the internet when they are using them on-site, in their homes, and on the go, so you can avoid regulatory fines and protect your organization.

Ensure Adherence to Terms & Conditions

Keeping track of every license and lease associated with the tools you deploy can be challenging. Are they about to expire? Are you meeting all of their key requirements? You need to have answers to these questions at all times.

Epiphany maintains compliance with all management, documentation, and other inventory regulations to keep your organization aligned with best practices and industry standards.

Process Device Returns Appropriately

When your equipment fails, it must be promptly returned and replaced. But end-of-life devices can’t simply be tossed aside, so what do you do? At Epiphany, we handle end-of-life equipment returns in strict compliance with all relevant regulations, security requirements, and industry best practices.

Improve Device Performance

Provide your end users with the best-in-class devices they need to thrive.

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