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Get the scalable, 24/7 communications platform that solves the challenges teachers, students, and parents face in 2020 and beyond.

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Epiphany for Schools

Epiphany offers teachers, parents, students, and administrators 24/7 access to a scalable team of experienced, onshore, technical professionals. Whether you need assistance with your remote classrooms, fielding technical support tickets, or are rolling out an ambitious digital project, Epiphany can serve as your personal, on-demand school support partner.

Epiphany was designed specifically for districts, schools, teachers, parents, and students. This means our experts have a nuanced understanding of how education technology works and what the day-to-day demands on teachers and administrators entail. In addition to providing support through the Help Desk, our experts can also help you address key issues surrounding technology usage, planning, and management.

EdTech solutions are an exciting frontier on the educational landscape, but they come with a slew of challenges to implementation and adoption. When you partner with Epiphany, no problem is ever too big.

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How it works

Tackle Projects with Confidence

When we were trying to bring remote learning solutions online, we were drowning in technical issues with students’ connectivity but we didn’t want to give up and risk falling behind other districts. With Epiphany, everything became easier. We now have the support to tackle any project with the confidence that we can accomplish our goals.

Mr. Moretti, Cheshire High School

Solutions For Your District

Epiphany is more than just a contact center: we offer high-level, technically proficient support that can help you with even the most complex technical projects.

We understand that there are some months when you won’t need on-demand remote support — that’s why we offer specific services on a project-by-project basis. From ongoing maintenance and system backups to remote monitoring and monthly reports, our consultants are actively involved in the day-to-day operations at hundreds of schools across the country.

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24/7 Contact Center

Our 24/7 contact center offers schools and districts the support services they need to stay ahead of the curve. Whether you’re encountering issues implementing new classroom software or just need help unlocking a student’s email account, our team of highly skilled, onshore experts will answer calls and questions at Epiphany. 

Device Logistics

Epiphany can help your support staff manage your entire software and hardware inventory. As teachers and students need new and updated devices to ensure that they can connect, we’re here to manage your device inventory and keep things running smoothly. 

User Training

Epiphany offers remote training sessions so your staff and teachers can implement new edtech solutions with success. We’ll teach you how to use new tools and provide you with the resources you need to troubleshoot any issue in real-time. 

Parent & Student Support

Epiphany was tailor-made for remote environments. This means that whether students are struggling to login to their school-loaned laptops from home or are enrolled in a distance learning course, we’ll be there to help them out in real time.

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