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Tech Support 101: What Every Public Sector Agency Needs to Know

Epiphany Team

Government technology — what many refer to as “e-government” or “GovTech” — continues to transform the public sector, underscoring the need for sophisticated technical support. 

While the public sector has traditionally lagged behind the private sector when it comes to adopting new technology, the benefits of AI chatbots, mobile applications, and cutting-edge analytics platforms have become too advantageous to ignore, prompting many government agencies to eagerly adopt these innovative solutions. 

But as agencies shed their legacy systems and adopt new platforms — many of which are cloud-based and remote — they must also deploy a robust technical support strategy to ensure new hardware and software are utilized to the fullest extent possible. A highly effective technical support strategy should be:

1. Scalable

Public sector agencies are continuously expanding their scope to better serve their growing communities. As these organizations evolve, so must the technologies they deploy. But the upkeep and maintenance associated with robust IT infrastructures can quickly become a full-time job for resource-strapped IT staff, leaving little time for other responsibilities. Scalable support systems must be woven into new technology rollouts to ensure employees and consumers alike have access to the high-quality technical expertise they need at all times.  

2. Customizable

The goals, target audience, and needs of different public sector agencies vary wildly, which is why each organization should begin their technology adoption efforts with a thorough organizational assessment. An experienced team of technical professionals will work with IT executives to conduct this assessment and glean a strong understanding of the agency’s existing systems and unique business goals. 

Following the assessment, a customized technical support strategy — one that encompasses a unique blend of remote user training, helpdesk assistance, and device management — can be crafted. This type of highly customized strategy ensures agencies receive the tailored IT support they need to ensure they reap the benefits of new technology initiatives. 

3. Focused on Device Lifecycle Management

Poorly monitored, managed, and maintained devices can hog network bandwidth or cause performance slowdowns, directly hindering employee productivity. Comprehensive device lifecycle management allows IT executives to ensure all of their devices are running smoothly — from procurement to decommissioning — through four targeted functions: provisioning and authentication, configuration and control, monitoring and management, and software updates. 

Yet despite the importance of device lifecycle management, an estimated 88% of companies still identify it as a key area of concern. This data highlights the need for IT support partners that are committed to working with executives to effectively manage the health of their devices. 

4. Focused on the Citizen Experience

Today’s consumers expect access to comprehensive IT assistance the moment a problem occurs, regardless of the day or time. They also seek multiple channels for IT support, including call centers, live chats, and self-service portals. To meet these expectations and facilitate a smooth end-user experience, government agencies must integrate multichannel, 24/7 support services into their technical assistance strategies. 

To help further improve the citizen experience, many government agencies are starting to position end-user training as a top priority. These programs help ensure all employees are up-to-speed on the implementation best practices associated with new platforms, increasing the overall effectiveness of new technology initiatives and minimizing end-user errors. 

Get Started with Epiphany

For many public sector organizations, the success of a new technology rollout can not be achieved alone — they need a qualified partner by their side.  

From device logistics to frontline support, help desk assistance to end-user training, Epiphany provides comprehensive remote IT support to government agencies across the country. Visit our site to learn how we’re uniquely prepared to help your organization deploy new devices and realize your IT goals — efficiently and cost-effectively. 

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