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Improve Your Customer Experience

Empower your stakeholders with the expert support they need to overcome obstacles in anywhere, anytime learning environments.


24/7 Support for Schools and Universities

Our 24/7 support services improve customer satisfaction and lower your support costs.


Address Stakeholder Concerns in Real Time

Our extensive experience in the education industry makes us highly equipped to address your stakeholders’ concerns, improving customer satisfaction and reducing your support costs.

When your stakeholders need help remembering a password, launching a virtual classroom, or accessing information about canceled classes and shifting sports schedules, our agents are always just a call or click away. And because you pay on a per-call basis, signing up is risk-free.

Manage Your Device Inventory

We provide end-to-end device lifecycle management to K-12 schools and universities, procuring, kitting, and implementing the technology they need in both at home and remote environments. 

Our ticketing system also includes a comprehensive inventory management tool that allows us to coordinate all device repairs and replacements as soon as issues arise, driving a better CX and improving device functionality. 

Improve Technology Rollouts

Through on-site and remote training, routine device and software maintenance, and on-demand hotline support, we help schools successfully deploy new edtech solutions, minimizing pressure on their support staff.

As part of the implementation process, we also ensure our clients’ compliance with all pertinent regulations, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

eLearning Software Support

We partner with software providers large and small to help them improve CX and reduce costs with a multipronged approach.


Decrease Hold Times

Fast, reliable customer support is the cornerstone of a superior customer experience. With Epiphany by your side, you’ll have access to a team of best-in-class agents prepared to field technical support tickets via live chat, text message, email, or phone call. 

Our experts will quickly solve your clients’ greatest challenges, minimizing bottlenecks and boosting customer satisfaction.

Scale Support as Demand Spikes

When support requests from students, teachers, and parents start accumulating, you need to act fast.

Our hybrid model combines the best of on-site call centers with the efficiency of a work-from-home team, allowing us to quickly scale our support services as your needs evolve. This approach keeps our facilities costs low to ensure we remain a cost-effective source of support for our clients.

Provide Comprehensive Training

The success of your eLearning platform is contingent on your stakeholders’ ability to deploy it effectively. We provide comprehensive on-site and web-based training to educators across the country, helping them quickly adopt your solution and create more engaging, impactful learning experiences.

Technology-Driven Contact Tracing

Our contact tracing experts have the skills, experience, and technologies needed to isolate an outbreak the moment it occurs.


Mitigate a Potential Outbreak

Don’t wait until the novel coronavirus reaches your campus to develop a plan. The time to act is now. We help schools develop a comprehensive, cost-effective contact tracing strategy that incorporates Bluetooth technology, thermal imaging cameras, and insights from certified contact tracing professionals to ensure they’re prepared from every angle.

Quickly Pinpoint Cases

You don’t have time to wait for the Department of Health to step in when an outbreak occurs. Our 24/7, HIPAA-certified contact center is armed with contact tracing experts who will guide you through the contact tracing process quickly and effectively.

Many of these onshore experts boast backgrounds in the education industry, making them uniquely prepared to reach out to students, parents, and staff to get the information they need to keep your community safe.

Communicate With Key Stakeholders

If an outbreak occurs at your school, it will only be a matter of time before the phone calls and emails begin pouring in. Are you prepared?

At Epiphany, we understand the challenges you face and the solutions you need. Our 24/7 customer support platform was built by education professionals, for education professionals to ensure you have the resources to respond to your stakeholders in real time.

Support Your Stakeholders

Provide educators, students, and parents with the services they need to feel safe, supported, and set up for success.

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