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A scalable, 24/7 contact center for patients, physicians, and staff adjusting to the challenges of COVID-19 and evolving patient care models.

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Epiphany for Healthcare

New medical technologies are taking healthcare by storm. With innovations in telehealth, payer-provider models, and AI-driven solutions, all kinds of technologies are improving patient care and outcomes. But integrating these new technologies into healthcare operations is no easy feat, and it falls to support and IT teams to provide lightning-fast responses when issues arise. With Epiphany, you don’t have to shoulder these responsibilities alone.

Epiphany is a HIPAA-compliant remote support service that specializes in tech rollouts in healthcare. Whether you need phone support for hospital patients or want to ensure your telehealth patients can log in to their remote visit, Epiphany offers a solution.

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How it Works

Boost Support, Cut Costs

Epiphany is our one-stop-shop for device management, user-training, and customer support. They helped us roll-out over 70,000 devices to patients’ homes, train thousands of end-users via webinars and live sessions, and offered us 24×7 support every step of the way. With their help, we were able to maintain a 97% positive customer experience score, all while reducing our call volumes and costs.

COO, Leading Healthcare Software Provider

Solutions For Your Organization

Epiphany is more than an answering service: we offer tech-literate patient support to help you and your patients connect better.

We also offer healthcare organizations an a la carte menu of services on a project-by-project basis. From ongoing maintenance and system backups to remote monitoring, our consultants are actively involved in the day-to-day support operations of hundreds of medical organizations.

Take a look at what we can do for you.

24/7 Contact Center

Our 24/7 Contact Center offers IT teams the dependable support services they need to stay ahead of the curve. Whether you’re encountering issues with a difficult software or just need help accessing a patient portal, our team will provide you with reliable backup at any time.

Device Logistics

Epiphany can help your support staff manage their entire software and hardware inventory. We’re here to help ensure that all of your staff and patients have access to the devices they need to connect, and that those devices are always up to date.

User Training

Epiphany offers remote training sessions so your medical staff and doctors can implement new telehealth solutions with success. We’ll teach you how to use new tools and provide you with the resources you need to troubleshoot any issue in real-time.

Telehealth Scheduling Support

Epiphany enables your patients and staff to plan, coordinate, and connect to their virtual appointments with ease. We eliminate scheduling headaches and connection issues. If a patient is struggling to login into their check-up or encounters a technical issue during a video call, our experts will be there to right the ship.

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