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Rapid Response Contact Tracing For Government Agencies

Epiphany provides government agencies with around-the-clock contact tracing guidance and support.

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Contact Tracing for Government Agencies

Epiphany helps government agencies develop and deploy robust contact tracing initiatives with confidence. We’re a team of remote, onshore experts with advanced contact tracing certification. That means we possess the skills, experience, and proficiencies needed to take swift action and isolate an outbreak the moment it occurs. With Epiphany by your side, you’ll never question your next steps.

Your community members are counting on you to keep them safe from coronavirus outbreaks. It can take months to get support from the Department of Health when you try to implement new safety protocols. With Epiphany, you’ll receive immediate support to help keep your community safe with cutting-edge contact tracing technologies.

Keep Your Community Safe

Time is of the essence when the coronavirus strikes. To keep all members of your community as safe as possible, fast and effective contact tracing is more than an added perk — it’s an absolute must.

The Epiphany Approach

At Epiphany, we understand that to protect your community from COVID-19, you need access to smart technologies and comprehensive support platforms.

That’s why we offer a 24/7, HIPAA-certified contact center armed with contact tracing experts prepared to guide you through the contact tracing process with speed and efficacy. By pairing this round-the-clock remote support with smart contact tracing technologies, we ensure your team is always prepared.

But our solutions are not only effective — they’re affordable. Contact us today to learn more.

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