Our Mission

Our mission is to provide organizations with the world-class support services they need to maximize the value of their tech roll-outs. By providing comprehensive, flexible end-user training, device lifecycle management services, and 24x7x365 remote tech support, we empower our clients to tap into the immense value of digital transformation while maintaining focus on their core competencies.

Our Approach

Epiphany is in the customer satisfaction business as much as we are in the technology business. Our work does not end with closing support tickets or answering questions about software applications — we strive to ensure the comprehensive support services we deliver always exceed our clients’ expectations.

This singular dedication to customer satisfaction sets us apart from other providers of IT support services. We not only keep track of the number of tickets we close, but how we close each ticket. Our team actively seeks out feedback on every ticket we close, lending a distinctly human element to what could otherwise be a dry, impersonal exchange. This enables us to remain accountable to our clients, understand their needs, and keep the lines of communication open at all times.

“The team at Epiphany Management Group has decades of experience in the technology space. We have extensive expertise in end-user training, device lifecycle management, and remote tech support, and have helped many government agencies, healthcare organizations, and businesses maximize the value of their digital portfolios. Epiphany delivers innovative solutions that drive IT efficiencies, reduce costs, and ensure our clients’ software and device roll-outs go as smoothly as possible.”

Doug Jones
President of Epiphany Management Group